You Were Beautiful Before He Told You.

Grace Valentine

Being a girl is hard.

We want to feel wanted.

We want to feel worthy of someone’s love.

We care more about what a boy thinks of us than what the King of Kings thinks of us.

So we do this thing called settling. We settle for a mediocre or sometimes even awful guy because we fear being alone. We let guys walk over us constantly because we think that our worth comes from them.

Frankly, I’m over this. I’ve seen way too many girls let how a guy views them depict their self-value. I’ve seen myself care way too much over one boy. I’ve seen girls give their hearts away time after time because they think having a boy want them makes them beautiful. I’ve seen girls crave affection and validation from boys.

Newsflash girls: you were beautiful before he told you.

Maybe you have had a billion guys…

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